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The Process

1) Call the office to express your interest and provide demographic information

 410-337-9003,  Mon.-Thur. 7:30-11am or 12-3pm.


2) We'll email you paperwork to complete and send back to us


3) Once we receive your paperwork, we'll contact you with an order for bloodwork & schedule you for a virtual visit (for which you must be in Maryland) to review your results and options


4) Make sure to follow instructions we send and complete your blood work no later than 14 days before your scheduled virtual visit


5) After your virtual visit, if you wish to proceed with pellet therapy:

a) Review & sign the consent forms you were emailed with your lab slip

b) Call the office to schedule your 1st insertion 

(FYI: Post-pellet insertion instructions require no soaking in water, heavy lifting, squats/lunges/glute work for 3 days for women and 7 days for men. Please schedule accordingly)


6) Plan to arrive at the office 30 minutes before your scheduled insertion time with all signed consent forms in hand


7) Pay at the appointment for pellet insertion. Cash, Credit Card or Zelle

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